empty leg flights canada

Empty Leg Flights Bring Luxury Jet Travel Within Reach for Many in Canada

Many people only dream of flying on a private jet. The few who do are either billionaire businessmen or celebrated actors and artists. Given that most of us live our lives going through the experiences of commercial and economy class travel, the idea of flying private can seem like only a mirage.

Flying economy class means you have to check in extremely early and go through the dreaded customs queues. What if I told you there is a way you can travel on a private jet at almost the same price you would pay commercial flights? If you are patient and lucky, you can find a way to travel private in empty leg flights Canada.

What is an empty leg flight?

An empty leg flight is a private jet flight where no one is on-board. These are often route connecting flights as the jet moves from one destination to the next to pick up the paying client. For many years, these flights were never on offer.

The private charter companies realized they could make some extra cash selling these relocation flights at a fraction of what a normal charter flight would cost for that route. These flights quickly gained popularity because people saw this as a way to experience the private jet luxury and convenience at a price within their reach.

The price of empty leg flights

While the price of empty leg flights Canada is only a fraction of the usual price, it is still quite expensive if you board the jet on your own. If you are a group and manage to occupy all the seats, the price can drop to the price you would pay a regular commercial flight. What’s more, today there are empty leg flights finder websites that have been created to help passengers locate empty leg flights Canada and around the globe.

The downside of empty leg flights

The main downside of empty leg flights is that unlike commercial flights, they are only one-way flights. This means when you find one, the same cannot get you back home; you have to find other – which is unlikely – or board a commercial airline for your return trip.

What you get on an empty leg flight

You will enjoy free champagne, catering and entertainment, the same package a regular customer would get. There are usually no flight attendants on empty leg flights Canada. All the same, you will not serve yourself. One of the two pilots on board will pour you drinks and serve you some snacks.

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